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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

General Information for New Users

What is Employer Self Service (ESS)?

Employer Self Service (ESS) is the 32BJ web-based system that offers Employers a single secure site where they can access and maintain their Employee Roster, and make payments for Benefit Fund contributions. The ESS site is being used by the Funds and Employers to ensure all entities are viewing the same Employer information, as reported by the Employer, in Real-Time status. Please click here for more information:

Is there a cost for using ESS?

No. There is no cost for the employer.

Does ESS require special training?

ESS is an intuitive and easy to navigate application. However, the 32BJ Benefit Funds offers an online training. Click here to sign up for training.

Do I need to change my current payroll system to use ESS?

No, ESS accepts an import file from your current payroll system.

Accessing ESS and Troubleshooting

Does ESS require an Internet Connection?

Yes, high speed internet connectivity is highly recommended along with the preferred Internet Browser Mozilla FireFox version 52.0.1.

What should I do if I do not have Mozilla FireFox as an Internet Browser?

If you do not have Mozilla FireFox, you can download version 60.8.0 for free at: Firefox Setup 60.8.0.

What is the web address for ESS?

The best way to access ESS is through this website. Look for the purple ESS button on every page. Additionally, you can review News, Training Material, and Important Notices from the Funds. You can also click on link to the Thomas Shortman Training Fund site.

Where do I get my User Id and Password for ESS?

If your company hasn’t provided you with this information, you can contact Employer Services at 212.388.3354. We will provide you with the name of the person in your company who has taken on the responsibility to create and maintain your companies’ ESS users. This is your company Security Administrator. If your company is new to ESS, Employer Services, 212.388.3518, will assist with setting up your company’s initial ESS users.

Where do I get my user ID and password for Paymentus?

You will be happy to learn that there is no separate username and password for Paymentus when entering Paymentus through the ESS system. When you click “Complete Payment ACH” in Employer Self-Service (ESS), you will be taken to the Paymentus portal. You do not need to log in under a separate username and password.

How do I adjust my Computer Monitor to display the entire Picture Screen?

Open your Mozilla FireFox browser and click on “View Menu” and select “Full Screen.” Additionally, you have the option of pressing the F11 Key on your keyboard, once you are finished and would like to return to your normal monitor settings, press the F11 Key again to reset.

Why does my screen freeze when I go to process an ACH payment?

You may need to adjust your internet browser settings to make Paymentus a trusted site. For instructions on updating your browser settings, click here.

I paid my invoice in Paymentus, but the payment was never processed by the bank. What do I do?

There are a few things that may have happened, you entered an incorrect routing number or bank account number, your bank has a “block” which prevents the ACH transaction, or the bank account had insufficient funds to process the ACH transaction.

In the first instance, when you go to reprocess your invoice payment, double check you have entered the correct routing and bank account number.

If your bank has a block on the account, please provide the Funds banking information to your bank and your bank will remove the block for the Funds bank accounts. Please note that the Origination ID for payments to the Funds and the Union is the same, but the company name is different.

For Benefit Contribution Invoices (BCI) and 401(k) Invoices, the information your bank needs to remove the block is:

Origination ID: 0000408976 (including the leading zeroes)
Company Name: 32 Bldng Srvcs

For Union Dues Invoices and American Dream Fund Invoices, the information your bank needs to remove the block is:

Origination ID: 0000408976 (including the leading zeroes)
Company Name: SEIU Local 32BJ

Lastly, check to see if your bank account has sufficient funds to cover the payments, and then process the ACH payment again.

What shall I do if the ESS system freezes while I am importing a file from my Payroll System?

During peak times (the days leading up to the 20th of the month), it may take a little longer for the file to process completely. However, if the system does freeze or seems to continue to search while importing a file, please press the F5 Key to refresh the upload. Please note every file that is going to be uploaded should contain a unique file name in order for it to upload successfully. It is also important to only process one file at a time.

I forgot my ESS password, how can I reset it?

To reset your password, simply follow the steps on the ESS log in page to retrieve your password. If you continue to have a problem you can either contact your company’s Security Administrator or contact Employer Services, 212.388.3354.

I don’t have a Paymentus user ID and password. What do I do?

Paymentus does not require its own user ID and password. You access Paymentus through ESS. You will automatically be taken to the Paymentus site when you click “complete payment ACH” on the transactions page or “manage accounts” or “view payment history” on the employer administration page.

I am entering my User Id and Password; but I keep getting an error message. What should I do?

Both your user ID and password are case-sensitive. Make sure that your Caps Lock is not on and try again. If the issue persists, take a screenshot of the error message and email to Employer Services, employerrelations@32bjfunds.com, along with your browser name and version. You may also call Employer Services at 212.388.3354.

I entered my user ID and password for ESS, but I never get my home screen. What should I do?

You should clear your browser history, including your cache. These are the Instructions for clearing your Firefox browser's cache: Tools -> Clear Recent History -> Time Range To Clear: Everything -> Check off all items, then click "Clear Now". You can now reenter your User Id and Password in ESS. If the issue persists please contact Employer Services, 212.388.3354.

After I processed my payment in Paymentus, the invoice(s) in ESS remained “open”. What should I do?

It may take a few minutes for ESS to “close” the invoice(s). In rare cases, it may not be until the next business day that the invoice(s) will be marked as closed. You will receive a payment confirmation email for each payment submitted. If the invoices remain open on the next business day, call our helpdesk at 212.388.3354. Have your payment confirmation number(s) handy. You will find your payment confirmation number(s) in your payment confirmation email(s).

Account Settings

How do I maintain my user information in ESS?

By clicking on the word “Account” in the upper right corner of the ESS home page you come to the account settings page. It is on this page that you can reset your password, update your security questions, email address, and communication preferences. Click here for the "ESS Quick User Guide" for step by step instructions or review the training material on this website.


Where do I find my employees in ESS?

The "roster" is where you can view a list of all your employees. The "roster" has current and prior employees of your company in any of your active work locations. It is from this page that you can hire a new employee, process an employee leave, change an employee’s job classification or job type, transfer and terminate employees. You can go to the ESS Quick User Guide for step by step instructions on entering roster changes.

How do I process a new hire in ESS?

Once you log into ESS and select the Employer from the initial page, you have two options for processing a new hire. You can either select “Process New Hire” from the Shortcuts or go to the roster. In either case you will need the following required information to complete updating the new hire in ESS: First and Last Name, Social Security Number, mailing address, gender, date of birth, job classifications and job type. If you have the employee’s phone and email address please enter this as well. Once you select “Process New Hire” from the short cuts or Click on the on the top of the roster list, you will be stepped through a few screens to update your new employee’s information.

I am not sure I need to add a person to my Roster, how do I check to see if my employee is on the Roster?

We strongly recommend that you always check your roster before adding someone new. You can use the filter function in the Roster to search by name, social security number, etc. You can also do a search from the “Process New Hire” screen before you add a new hire.

When should I report a change to my employee’s employment status?

Immediately. You should report the change in ESS within 20 days to avoid additional charges. Once you are on the Roster page in ESS, go to the employee record. You can use the filter function or page through the list to find the affected employee. Select the row and click on the down arrow next to the word “Details”. A dropdown menu will appear. You select the roster change you wish to process. ESS will step your through the process using a “Wizard” to complete the Roster change. The roster change will trigger updates to your invoices and the Funds will send important benefit related materials to the affected employee. If changes to your roster are not reported within twenty (20) calendar days after the status change date, you will be obligated to contribute for benefits through the date you process the change in ESS.

My employee has filed for a disability leave, what do I do?

You should immediately report the disability in ESS. Please report the leave start date and the end date. You can modify the end leave date if your employee’s disability period changes. A “Ieave” reported more than twenty (20) days after the leave date, may result in additional benefit contributions due the Funds.

How about other leave types (Leave of Absence, Military Leave, Brigade Leave)?

As with all roster changes you must report them immediately through ESS. When you report a leave you should always report the leave stop date. The system will begin calculating benefit contribution due amounts and employee benefit eligibility as of the day after the leave stop date. Leaves reported more than twenty (20) days after the leave start date may result in additional benefit contributions due from the Employer.

I have an employee who just resigned, retired or died, what do I do?

You process the employee status change from the roster page in ESS. First find the employee, who has resigned, on the roster (you can use the filter or page through the roster list). On the row where the name appears click on the down arrow next to the word “Details” and select “Terminate”. ESS will open a box, “Wizard”, that will ask for the termination date and termination reason. For resignations or retirement select "Terminated", for death select "deceased". Prompt reporting of death allows for expedited processing of life insurance benefits. Process all roster changes immediately, roster changes made in ESS more than twenty (20) days after the employee status change date will result in additional benefit contribution due the Funds.

My employee’s regular work schedule was changed, how do I report this change?

This is usually a Job Type Change. You go to the Roster find the employee and click on the down arrow next to the word “Details” in the row where the employee’s name appears. You select “Job Change”. A box, “Wizard”, will appear on your screen. The Wizard will assist you in completing the job change.

If for whatever reason your employee’s regular work schedule is changed (for example: working additional hours or days on a regular basis going forward) you must report the change immediately, but not more than twenty (20) days after the employee’s regular schedule was change. Changes report more than twenty (20) days after the status change may result in additional contributions due the Funds and interest.

ESS Invoices: Benefit Contribution Invoices (BCI) & 401(k) (401kI) Invoices

What Invoices are in ESS?

ESS has two types of Benefit Funds Invoices, the Benefit Contribution Invoice (BCI) and the 401(k) Invoice (401kI). At or around the 1st of every month your BCI are created. If your company participates in the Supplemental Retirement Saving Plan and you have employees that elected to defer wages for 401(k) , you will create the 401(k) Invoice in ESS. The BCI is created once a month for employers. The 401(k) is created by Employers every payroll payment cycle (usually weekly).

Where are my Invoices?

Your Invoices can be viewed in a few places in ESS depending on the Invoice Status (Open, Released and Closed). The Invoices tab brings you to the page that shows all your unpaid (Open) invoices. It is here on the Invoices page that you will review and approve an invoice for payment. By clicking on Payment Processing tab you can view the Invoices ready for payment. However, to view all your invoices in one place go to the transactions page.

What are adjustment and rebill invoices?

An adjustment Invoice is an additional invoice, secondary to the original, which can be created manually or be triggered automatically by a roster change in ESS. Benefit Contribution Invoice (BCI) adjustments can be automatically triggered by roster changes to a member (either a new hire, termination, or transfer of an existing member) after the original invoice has been released. Adjustments can be manually created for BCI invoices if hours or wages were missed in the original invoice. 401(k) adjustment invoices can only be created manually and should be generated in the event that wage deferral amounts have been missed for a member during a payroll cycle. Rebill Invoices are also secondary to the original and are automatically triggered by updates to the rules under your collective bargain agreement and/or a roster update to a members leave record (entering a timely leave or adding a stop date to an existing leave after the BCI is released for that contribution period.)

Benefit Contribution Invoices (BCI)

What is the Benefit Contribution Invoice, BCI?

The BCI is the monthly in arrears bill for employer benefit fund contributions (Health, Pension, Training, Legal, and Profit Sharing) negotiated in your collective bargaining or participation agreement. The invoice details are calculated based on your roster and other rules defined in your agreement or plan. In a limited set of agreements, the employer must report contributable hours or specific dollar amounts due the Funds.

When will I see my BCI?

Around the first of every month your BCI is automatically created for you in ESS. Employers should process roster changes before reviewing and processing your ACH payment for the BCI.

I report contributable hours for my employees, how do I enter this information in to my invoices?

There are two methods for entering contributable hours into your invoices. The first is to manually key in the contributable hours into the BCI. The second, which is the more efficient and accurate way, is to import this information through a file upload into the BCI. You can get a copy of the BCI import file specification by clicking here. For detailed instructions on entering or importing hours you should review the training material on the employer website, or use the ESS Quick User Guide. Employer Services, 212.388.3354, with any questions you may have.

How do I pay my benefit contribution invoices (BCI)?

After you have updated your employee roster in ESS and reviewed your BCI, you release your BCI from the Invoices page. You are now ready to make a payment. You make payments by selecting one or more BCI invoices from the Payments Processing page and clicking on the button "Make Payment ACH". You will then be transferred to Paymentus to complete your payment. For details steps on processing payments in ESS and Paymentus, please go to our employer website https://www.32bjfundsemployer.org. Under the ESS page, you will find three Paymentus videos: how to make payments in Paymentus; how to manage your Paymentus accounts; and how to view and download your Paymentus payment history.

401(k) Invoices (401kI)

How do I create my (401kI) for my employee(s) who defer pre-tax wages for (401k)?

There are two methods for creating your (401kI). The first is to go to the Invoices page, select the account for which you wish to create a (401kI) then click on the button Create Invoice. From this page, Create New Invoice, click on the button Create Invoice Online. Here you will select the Invoice Type 401(k) Invoice. Once you select the invoice type, ESS will display the most recent unpaid 401(k) reporting period. Check the box on the row and click on the button Create Invoice.

The second, which is the more efficient and accurate way, is to import this information through a file upload to create the (401kI). You can get a copy of the (401kI) import file specification by clicking here. For detailed instructions to create the (401kI) online or by file import you should review the training material on the employer website or use the ESS Quick User Guide. You may also call Employer Services, 212.388.3354, with any questions you may have.

How do I pay my 401(k) Invoice?

You process your ACH payment through Paymentus. Once you have created your 401(k) invoice in ESS, either by creating on-line or from a file import; you release the invoice from the Invoices page. You then go to the Payment Processing page. It is from this page that you select the 401(k) Invoice you wish to pay by clicking on the check box next to the invoice. For details steps on processing payments in ESS, please go to our employer website https://www.32bjfundsemployer.org.Under the ESS page, you will find three Paymentus videos: how to make payments in Paymentus; how to manage your Paymentus accounts; and how to view and download your Paymentus payment history.
REPORTS: Invoice Detail 32BJ Funds and Participant Roster Change Reports

How do I get a report of all the transactions I have made in ESS?

There are two basic reports in ESS, the Invoice Detail 32BJ Funds Report and the Participant Roster Change Report. To run a report you click on Reports. A new page will open giving the option to select the type of report you wish to run. Once you make the selection, you can customize the report by selecting various options from the dropdowns. You can select a period, type of invoice, or type of transaction. For information on running reports go to the ESS Quick User Guide.

Note: Depending on the security role assigned to your User Id some functions and screens may not be available to you.

 Contribution Reporting: Calculation of Contribution Amounts & When
     Payments Are Due

How will ESS calculate Monthly Contribution Amounts?

ESS is programmed with the contributions rules in your collective bargaining agreement and the individual plans. Although most agreements have flat monthly or weekly rates some agreements require the employer to report contributable hours. However, all calculations begin with the roster. By maintaining your employee roster in ESS, your invoices will properly calculate who should be billed in a month.

What Formula does ESS use to calculate contribution amounts?

The contribution amounts are based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement; please refer to it for more detailed information. Monthly contribution amounts are prorated for partial months based on Benefit Funds policies. Weekly contributions are not prorated; if an employee works any part of a week (a week is Monday to Sunday) contributions are due for that week. Hours are defined as contributable hours (refer to your collective bargaining agreement).

When do I report Roster Changes?

The ESS system was designed to work with your Payroll Processing Schedule to make it easier for you and your staff. All Employers will report status change (new hires, terminations, leave of absence, etc.). These should be reported as soon as possible and NOT later than the 20th day after the status change took effect. This information will be used to accurately calculate your Monthly Invoice, as well as provide the Funds with your most up-to-date information.

How do Roster Changes affect my Invoices?

ESS is programmed with the rules from your contract and the plan(s). When you report a roster change (new hire, leave, or termination) ESS will review your BCI and determine if under the various rules contributions should or should not be billed. Also, when you create your (401kI), ESS will determine whether an employee is eligible to defer wages for 401(k) .

By keeping your roster up to date, your invoices and your employee’s benefits under the Funds will always be accurate.

When are Benefit Contributions due?

Employers benefit contributions are billed monthly in arrears. The ACH payment for employer Benefit Funds Contribution is due by 7:00 pm the 20th of the month for the prior month. If payment is not processed in Paymentus by this time, interest will be assessed at 9% per year, charged monthly.

When are 401k employee wage deferrals due?

The IRS mandates that 401(k) pre-tax wage deferrals are due from all employers as of the earliest date on which such contributions can reasonably be segregated from the employer’s general assets. The Funds policy states that in no event shall such contributions be remitted by employers later than seven (7) days after the payroll paid date. Interest will be assessed at 9% per year. Payments made by 7:00 pm in Chase Pay Connexion (PCX) will be recorded as received on that day.

 Paymentus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Paymentus?

Paymentus is an independent company providing online bill payment services to more than 450 clients in 48 states.

What has changed with the ESS payment system?

The Funds and Union have introduced a new payment system on ESS that will allow Employers to make payments using the same payment method, ACH Debit, that was used for Chase PayConnexion. Employers who previously paid Funds and Union invoices online through Chase PayConnexion will now be redirected to the Paymentus site when making payments in Employer Self Service (ESS).

Is Paymentus an ACH Debit like Chase PayConnexion?

Yes. Paymentus is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction and is often referred to as an “electronic check”. This is the same method you are using if you use a payroll provider or file taxes electronically, just like Chase PayConnexion.

How does an employer register with Paymentus?

If you were registered and authorized to make payments in Chase PayConnexion, then the 32BJ Funds and Paymentus have will automatically registered your ESS User ID and transferred all your payment accounts on day one of the conversion.to the Paymentus portal.

For new ESS users, registration will occur upon first payment attempt in ESS. There are three ways an Employer can arrive at Paymentus. The most common method will be upon clicking the ‘Make A Payment’ button on the confirm payment page in ESS. The other methods will be from the ESS “User Administration” page by clicking a button called “Manage Paymentus Accounts” or simply clicking the “Make A Payment” button on the Transactions tab; however, those buttons will only be present once you have completed a payment in Paymentus.

When will I be able to see the “Manage Paymentus Accounts” and “View Paymentus Payment History” buttons?

Users will only see “Manage Paymentus Accounts” and “View Paymentus Payment History” after processing their first payment with Paymentus.

Is there a maximum number of Users for Paymentus?

There is not a maximum number of Users.

Do I need to open an account with another bank for the ACH Transfer?

No. The ACH debit will work with your current bank and your current account(s).

Will 32BJ Benefit Funds or the Union have access to my bank account information?

No. Fund and Union employees will never have access to your bank account information. This information is entered during set up and can only be updated by your employees. And, once an account is saved, the leading account number digits are hidden for security purposes.

Can monies be moved from my bank account without my consent?

No. Neither the Funds nor the Union can initiate the ACH request until you have authorized the amount you wish to pay. You will control and approve all your electronic payments.

I do not feel comfortable with anyone using my operating account for electronic banking. Can I set up a separate bank account for this process?

Yes. Paymentus will work with any bank account you want to use for this process.

I manage multiple buildings with multiple bank accounts; can I use a separate bank account for each of my 32BJ Benefit Funds accounts?

Each 32BJ Funds building within the system can have its own bank account.

Will I know the exact amount being debited from my bank account?

Yes. You will confirm the information either entered or imported into ESS, which will “lock” the transaction. The information will be broken down and totaled for your review. The totals will then be displayed for authorization of payment. If you authorize a payment, a unique confirmation number will be generated by the system with totals for your records. In addition, you will be able to print or save a report showing a detailed breakdown of the monies you have paid.

Can I pay more than one obligation at a time?

You can pay multiple invoices at a time, but they must be of the same invoice type. Payments for invoices of different types must be paid separately. This is the same as it was previously.

Why did I receive duplicate payment alert?

Users will receive this alert (message) when our system shows you have submitted a similar payment recently for the same dollar amount. If you wish to processed with this payment, click on “Continue”.

Why would a user see “Name on Account” if the field is blank?

When the “Name on Account” is blank on the Wallet, that field in the email confirmation defaults to the First Name/Last Name of the user. You will be prompted to add a “Name on Account” for each of your banking accounts.

My Paymentus confirmation number does not match what is found on my bank statement. Why is this?

Your Paymentus payment confirmation number is not shared with your bank. You may see your bank’s own confirmation number on your statement. Contact your banking institution if you have questions about your banking statements.

Collection Policy

What is the “Collection Policy”?

The Collection Policy is a set of rules on the reporting and remitting of employer benefit contributions and employee 401(k) pre-tax wage deferrals created by the Benefit Funds Trustees that apply to all contributing employers.

What are the rules under the benefit funds Collection Policy?

Qualified Medical Child Support Notice

What do I do if I receive a Qualified Medical Child Support Notice?

In the event you receive a Qualified Medical Child Support Notice for one of your employees, please email or fax it to:

Building Service 32BJ Benefit Funds
Department of Eligibility
25 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
Fax: 212.844.2717 / Email: esc@32bjfunds.com